Film-und Vortragsreihe mit Benjy Fox-Rosen / 21.11.17 bis 23.1.17 / In English

Join musician/composer Benjy Fox-Rosen for a series of film screenings highlighting the unique music of Yiddish cinema. The series will focus on lesser known songs that were never schlagers, but were unique musical moments captured on film-  the unaccompanied singing of a mourning mother, the wailing of a cantor after he realizes the grave sin he has committed. The dramatic framework of the film allows us access to emotional, and most certainly aesthetic qualities, which cannot be found on popular commercial recordings.  Each film screening will begin with a brief lecture discussing the composer, actors as well the historical and cultural contexts of the film.  Series of six films. All films are in Yiddish with English supertitles. Lecture in English.

Mamele (Poland, 1938)    

Directed by Joseph Green & Konrad Tom

Set and filmed in Lodz, Molly Picon stars in this delightful comedy featuring gangsters, mameles and beautiful songs, including "Abi Gezunt." Score composed by Abe Ellstein.

21. November / Di 19:00 Uhr   


The Dybbuk/Der Dibuk (Poland, 1937)

Directed by Michal Waszynski

"Boundaries separating the natural from the supernatural dissolve as ill-fated pledges, unfulfilled passions, and untimely deaths ensnare two families in a tragic labyrinth of spiritual possession in this classic Yiddish feature film based on the celebrated play by S. Ansky." -Jewishfilm.org- Score composed by Henekh Kohn.

5. Dezember / Di 19:00 Uhr     


The Cantor's Son/Dem Khazns Zundl (USA, 1937)

Directed by Ilya Motyleff (Sidney Goldin, uncredited)

The screen debut of Cantor Moyshe Oysher. The cantor's son runs away to America, only to make his way back to his 'true' calling on the pulpit. Score composed by Alexander Olshanetsky.

19. Dezember / Di 19:00 Uhr     


Tevye (USA, 1939)

Directed by Maurice Schwartz

Based on Sholom Aleichem's classic stories, this dramatic masterpiece has little singing in it. The score, however, is a masterful work, mixing modern and traditional elements with the ease that only Sholom Secunda (Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn) can. Score by Sholom Secunda.

23. Jänner / Di 19:00 Uhr   


Yiddle With His Fiddle/Yidl Mitn Fidl (Poland, 1936)

Directed by Joseph Green & Jan Nowina-Przybylski

A cross-dressing Molly Picon stars as a poor klezmer musicians, traveling through Poland with her father. Fabulous drinking songs, as well as a few heart-jerking ballads. Score composed by Abe Ellstein.

9. Jänner / Di 19:00 Uhr      


Yiddish Music on Film - The Cantor's Son (USA, 1937)

Yiddish Music on Film - Yiddl Mitn Fidl (USA, 1936)

Yiddish Music on Film - Tevye (USA, 1939)