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erasmus+project results

Wiener Volkshochschulen has been involved in many European project activities since 1995, when Austria joined the European Union. Erasmus+ has an open access requirement. Please find below all materials developed through the projects, we have been involved:
If you are interested in further information, please contact our team responsible for European projects. It is the department of Innovation & International Affairs, which can be contacted at innovation@vhs.at.

Understanding Europe

Result of the project was an handbook for languages teachers to support the understanding of Europe. The Handbook has about 50 pages and was published in six european languages,the are: FR |BGR| ROU|PL | EN | DE
In addition the project group wrote handbooks for language teachers, with information to all involved countries. These portraits are available for: Austria |Belgium|Bulgaria|Germany|Poland|RomaniaandEurope

Library of Things

curriculum for Libraries of Things to reach out to new target groups and attract new members toinform about their work and substainable economy (estimated in 06/2021)