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Library of Things (LoT)

 Kinder spielen vor dem Treffpunkt Leihladen in Ljubljana auf einer Fahrrad-Skulptur aus alten Bautteilen
(c) Rok Hočevar | Leihladen in Ljubljana, "Knjižnica REČI"
 Prall gefülltes Regal mit Profiwerkzeug im Leihladen in Brüssel, dem "Tournevie"
(c) Arnaud Ghys | Leihladen in Brüssel, "Tournevie"
 Objekte zum Leihen an der Wand präsentiert im Leila.Wien (von Trompete über Kreissäge bis Rucksack)
(c) Paul Krehan | Leihladen in Wien, "leila.wien"
 Bohren für ein Hartz-4-Möbel nach Van Bo Le-Mentzel
(c) Robert Puteanu | Workshop in Vienna, Oct 2020
 Sharing Food über das Konzept "Offener Kühlschrank" des "Fairteiler"
(c) Robert Puteanu | Workshop in Vienna, Oct 2020
 Diskussion über Sharing Economy
(c) Vladimir Simicek | Workshop in Bratislava, Jul 2021
 Workshopteilnehmende bereit zum Radausflug und dem Entdecken von Nachhaltigen Projekten in der Stadt
(c) Vladimir Simicek | Workshop in Bratislava, Jul 2021
Library of Things (LoTs) describe non-traditional collections where people can access a pool of different items from tools, electronic devices to travel accessories, according to the motto "borrow instead of buy". These LoTs are all different in their offerings and strategies, but they are all equal because they are part of the sharing economy. Many of them are supported by public events and educational programs.

The project "Library of Things" initially aims to spread the idea of LoTs in the partner countries and beyond. Since LoTs are working together for the first time in a European project, we focus on the exchange of information, the presentation of EU funds to support the idea of Sharing Economy and the recruitment of new target groups. Secondly, we try to attract new target groups to our libraries by forming mixed groups of participants for workshops in all the countries involved. We see the opportunities to bring together different parts of a society of valuable means to support the idea of solidarity, but also to empower people about sharing economy and offer them shared experiences compounding for a conscious life.
Further reading, download as PDF (DE):

“Library of things. Nachhaltigen Konsum gemeinschaftlich (er)lernen”,
in: Der Beitrag der Erwachsenenbildung zur Förderung von Umweltbewusstsein und Nachhaltigkeit, EPALE und Erasmus+ Erwachsenenbildung 2020, p. 42-45.
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Project Deliverables - training materials from our four workshops

Our workshops aimed to make Libraries of Things more accessible to all, bring joint work activities and information related to sustainable life closer to the people.
CURRICULUM (framework):
ACTIVITIES to our Curriculum (compilated & separated):
On request we are pleased to send all activities as open text files.

Project partners from AT – BE – SI – SK:

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for adult education

Project Reference: 2019-1-AT01-KA204-051491

Start: 01-09-2019

End: 31-12-2021

Further recommendation, published by Leila Wien (2016): Library of Things Starter-Kit, download as PDF.
For further information please contact lo.hufnagl@vhs.at